Praise The Lord recordings

Praise The Lord

One of the things we've noticed about smaller ecclesias around the world is that they often lack enough musicians to help express praise to God through music.  So we've put together a small collection of some of our favourite songs from the "Praise The Lord" book.

We hope these recordings will give people the chance to join together in praise of our heavenly Father, and also provide some more material for nice quiet meditational music in the home or car.

Make a donation below in order to download this collection of songs and help support our various music projects in mission areas. Or, if you would prefer not to donate or to register, please click here to download the songs.

This collection includes the following songs:

  • Song 7 - And he shall reign
  • Song 10 - Be bold, be strong
  • Song 12 - Be still, for the presence of the Lord
  • Song 21 - Come to me
  • Song 28 - Give thanks with a grateful heart
  • Song 35 - Great is the Lord
  • Song 38 - Hallelujah, my Father
  • Song 48 - I just want to praise you
  • Song 49 - I wait in your sanctuary
  • Song 80 - My lips shall praise you
  • Song 86 - O Lord, give me an undivided heart
  • Song 96 - Shout for joy to the Lord
  • Song 121 - What a friend we have in Jesus
  • Song 130 - Your love is to me
  • Song 132 - All I once held dear
  • Song 134 - Amazing grace
  • Song 138 - As water to the thirsty
  • Song 177 - How deep the Father's love
  • Song 207 - Just a closer walk with thee
  • Song 251 - Seek ye first
  • Song 268 - There is a Redeemer

As an example of the recordings, we include song 7 below for you to play in your browser:

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