In Your Light We See Light

In your light we see light album cover"In Your Light We See Light" is a collection of songs by Steph Jamieson and Ellie Bilton that were recorded in 2011.

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Funds raised from the sale of this album are going towards overseas and local preaching initiatives and outreach projects. So far, money has been donated to "Christadelphian meal a day" and the "Community outreach program trust." More details on the donations made can be found on the funds page.

Album Details

Name: In Your Light We See Light
Where the name came from: Psalm 36v9
Release Date: 23rd September 2011
Songs inspired by: Creation, kids, Psalms, India, outreach projects, Bible verses, the hope of a spectacular future
Genre: Modern classical / Power ballad / Christian / World
Instruments/sounds: Pianos, Guitars, Organs, Strings, Tin whistles, Bongos, other weird sounds
Composed by: Ellie Bilton, Steph Jamieson
Production: Timon Burney
People who sang: Ellie Bilton, Steph Jamieson, Keturah Thurlow, Aletheia Burney, Chris Gilmore, Marionhill Gospel Choir

Track List:

  1. Ignite
  2. Love the Lord 
  3. Yours is the Day
  4. Psalm 139
  5. How Amazing
  6. Waiting for You
  7. Who is Like the Lord
  8. Worship the Lord
  9. Christ Will Dwell

Sheet Music:

Some songs on this album have been transcribed into sheet music and are available for download on our sheet music page. Alternatively they can be found on the worship book sheet music page.

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Demo of track "Love the Lord":


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