Creator God


Scriptural References: Psalm 8, 104
Composer: James DiLiberto
Arrangement: James DiLiberto, Julia Watson


Lead Vocals: Aletheia Burney
Vocal Group: James DiLiberto, Matt Watson, Joseph Cheek, Alex Burney, Jason Gore, Sebastian Pitcher, Naomi Pitcher, Mel Gore, Laura Richards, Priscilla Pitcher, Charlotte DiLiberto, Stephanie Weller
Classical and Acoustic Guitars: James DiLiberto
Piano: Alex Burney
Bass Guitar: James DiLiberto

Produced: Phil Rosser, James DiLiberto, Timon Burney, Nathan Coad
Mixed and Mastered: Joseph Cheek, Phil Rosser, Timon Burney


In a time when this world continues to abandon its Creator to instead "worship and serve the created", we felt the need to affirm our faith that we were brought into this world for the most satisfying and lasting experience - worshiping our Creator God, who continues to create in us a new heart and spirit like His Son on our way to eternity.

This song uses melodic instrumentation and lyrics from the Creation Psalms to capture the heart of the Saints who want to give God the praise for His amazing creative power and majesty, in both the beautiful world around and the searching heart within.