Scriptural References: The Book of James / Study Week 2012 Themes
Composers: James DiLiberto, Stephanie Jamieson
Arrangement: James DiLiberto, Julia Watson


Vocal Group: James DiLiberto, Matt Watson, Alex Burney, Stephanie Jamieson, Aletheia Burney, Phil Rosser
Acoustic Guitar: James DiLiberto
Piano: Stephanie Jamieson
Bass Guitar: James DiLiberto

Produced: James DiLiberto, Timon Burney
Mixed and Mastered: James DiLiberto, Timon Burney


This song was originally composed and recorded for Study Week 2012 (on the Book of James) but slightly rearranged and re-recorded live for this release.

Lyrically, it features all of the daily themes from that youth conference as well as other major concepts and verse excepts from the Book of James. It’s a powerful song for groups as musically there are multiple vocals parts and layering. It can be lead on piano or guitar or played together as complimentary parts. This song is meant to challenge us to be doers of the Word and not hearer’s only.