Salvation of our God


Scriptural References: Isaiah 40, Luke 3:4-6
Composer: James DiLiberto
Arrangement: James DiLiberto, Timon Burney


Lead Vocals: Matt Watson, Phil Rosser
Vocal Group: James DiLiberto, Julia Watson, Charlotte DiLiberto, Aletheia Burney
Classical Guitar: James DiLiberto
Bass Guitar: James DiLiberto
Violin: Matt Watson

Produced: Phil Rosser, James DiLiberto, Timon Burney
Mixed and Mastered: Phil Rosser, Timon Burney


Isaiah 40 is the cornerstone passage prophesied about the life and work of John the Baptist and in Luke’s gospel, the writer substitutes “And the glory of the LORD shall be revealed” with “the salvation of God” as a beautiful interpretation of the original Hebrew.

This song is meant to capture the joy of the recipients of John’s message of salvation and the lives which were changed by it – illustrated in the allegory of the mountains, hills, crooked and rough plain – all of whom were levelled out by the Lamb of God for whom John prepared them.