We Stand, Secure


Scriptural References: 1 Peter 3:15; Mark 9:24; Luke 17:5; James 3:17; Psalms 22:11; Psalms 39:12; Psalms 61:1
Composer: James DiLiberto
Arrangement: James DiLiberto, Ari Pickering


Lead Vocals: James DiLiberto
Classical Guitar: James DiLiberto

Produced: James DiLiberto
Mixed and Mastered: James DiLiberto, Joseph Cheek, Phil Rosser


This song is a lament about our community's argumentative approach to the Truth in a variety of venues and the un-Christian attitude often displayed by those 'earnestly contending for the faith'. On the other hand, it's also a lament for the flawed reasoning and fundamental apologetic mistakes which are prevalent today, in an age when love for the Word of God and sound understanding are becoming increasingly rare.

The disciple needs good answers and strong convictions, whilst always 'speaking the Truth in love' - a balance which is hard to achieve, but so important. This song is a desperate prayer and a raw heart-felt cry to God for help to heal the hearts, minds, and mouths of His children, and make them stand secure in His love, being compelled to manifest that same grace to others, especially of the household of faith.