Your Glory


Scriptural References: Genesis 6
Composer: Phil Rosser
Arrangement: Phil Rosser, James DiLiberto, Timon Burney, Jeff Watson


Lead Vocals: James DiLiberto
Backing Vocals: Phil Rosser
12-string Acoustic Guitar: James DiLiberto
Piano: Timon Burney
Cello: Jeff Watson
Bass Guitar: James DiLiberto
Cajon: James DiLiberto

Produced: Phil Rosser, James DiLiberto, Timon Burney, Nathan Coad
Mixed and Mastered: Joseph Cheek, Phil Rosser, Timon Burney


This song is a reflective track about the life of Noah. Noah lived in a very difficult time. Everyone around him was obsessed with violence and immorality. Even those claiming to be God's children had sold out their spiritual values and principles. This song picks up some of the sentiments found in Genesis 6 and imagines the situation for God. The record states that God was contemplating the reasons why he created the world when he looked down at Noah's generation.

Jesus said that the end times would be similar to Noah's age (Matt 24). This song is a meditation on the days of Noah as a reminder to those who walk with God of the reason God created the world; to reflect his glory.


You saw the world and it grieved Your heart, You saw all the children that you set apart, the sons of God saw the daughters of men, they married the world that Noah condemned and You sighed, You sighed

You saw the thoughts that Your children had, their thoughts were only continually bad
. Corruption that started in Adam’s head had flooded the world through the thoughts that were said and You sighed, and You sighed, You sighed

You said within Your heart “Why have I created the earth, created sky?” 
You created it for Your glory, You created it for Your glory

“Despite the wicked that plagues all the earth, I have seen one man who doesn’t walk by himself. This one man has found grace in my eyes, 
I will build him an ark to keep him safe from the skies