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In His Hands [preview]

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Choose Your Eternity by The Seventh Day

Christ Is Returning by The Seventh Day

Come Into the Ark by The Seventh Day

Live and Reign by The Seventh Day

Shine as Lights by The Seventh Day

Training in Godliness

Children of the Promise Sampler

Choose Your Eternity Sampler

Be Merciful To Me

"Be Merciful To Me" is an arrangement of hymn 32 by Timon and performed by Aletheia and Timon

The original tune (as reproduced in the final verse) was written by Carl Go╠łttlief Glasen (1784–1890)†
The lyrics are adapted from Psalm 57 by Benjamin Hall Kennedy (b. 1804)

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Behold the Amazing Gift

“Behold the amazing gift” is recording of hymn 374 arranged by Aletheia Burney

Piano, vocals by Aletheia Burney
Instruments and recording by Timon Burney

Original music by Samuel Stanley (1767–1822)
Words by Isaac Watts (1674–1748)

1 Behold th’amazing gift of love
The Father hath bestowed
On us, the sinful sons of men,
To call us sons of God!

Maker of All Things

“Maker of all things” is an arrangement of hymn 429  and has been recorded for the purpose of use as an accompaniment for a congregation to sing at a wedding.

Arrangement and instruments by Timon Burney
Piano by Aletheia Burney
Original Tune - Irish traditional melody

This Mind In Us by The Seventh Day

"This Mind In Us" was written as the theme song for Perth Youth Conference held 7th - 15th January 2017. The theme of the conference was "Philippians - This Mind In You"

Composed by Phil Rosser and Aletheia Burney

Performed by Phil Rosser, Aletheia Burney, Timon Burney

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