Psalm 15 (Who May Dwell)


Scriptural References: Psalms 15
Composer: James DiLiberto
Arrangement: James DiLiberto, Timon Burney


Lead Vocals: Ben Joseph
Backing Vocals: Aletheia Burney
12-string Acoustic Guitar: James DiLiberto
Bass Guitar: James DiLiberto
Programming: Phil Rosser, Timon Burney

Produced: Phil Rosser, James DiLiberto, Timon Burney, Nathan Coad
Mixed and Mastered: James DiLiberto, Timon Burney, Phil Rosser


This is one of the shortest Psalms but is also one of the most profound, as it epitomises the Gospel message and in simple language, reminds us of what God is looking for in our daily living. Loving God. Loving our neighbour. That's what Jesus told us is the sum of all the law and the prophets. It's an illustration of the path leading to God's eternal Sanctuary where we will enjoy fellowship with Him forever. He who does these things shall never be moved.